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piri piri suace

The Piri Piri pepper (originating from Portugal) possesses some extraordinary qualities when compared to other hot peppers. It has a great depth of flavor as its profile changes while you continue to eat it. The flavor goes from slightly sweet and tangy, builds in intensity then finishes by leaving a fiery-fragrant sensation in your mouth. The Piri Piri pepper’s level of spiciness is near that of the habanero pepper on the capsaicin scale, but has a much smoother feel in the mouth. You’ve got to give it a try on your next chicken or fish entrée!


lemon herb sauce

Made using only the freshest ingredients available: basil, thyme, oregano, garlic and shallots are melded together using a blend of healthy oils and sea salt for an enjoyable zesty finish.


tangy barbeque sauce

With a delicate balance of deep, bold flavors, our barbeque sauce is slightly spicy, mildly sweet and deliciously tangy. It’s a must with our Grilled Chicken!

sweet thai chili sauce

Simply made, yet complex in flavor. Tangy, mildly hot, and slightly sweet, this is a very versatile sauce that compliments almost all vegetables and proteins, as well as most pastas and sauces.
Our recipe contains no MSG.

lemon-caper and garlic sauce

This sauce has a delicate balance of white wine, shallots, butter, lemon juice and capers. It is slightly tangy, mildly acidic with a smooth-buttery body, capers and a fresh lemon-scented finish.