south africa connection

Being the most southern tip of Africa, South Africa is located in an ideal location for the shipping routes from the Americas, Europe and North Africa to India, China and the Middle East. South Africa was used as the critical stop-over point almost half way to "refuel" and seek refuge from stormy weather, repair boats, rest-up etc. Cape Town harbor became a melting pot of many different cultures who brought their unique tastes, cooking techniques and spices—especially the wide variety of spices from India, Bangladesh and Mozambique (where the traditional Portuguese Piri Piri spice is now grown). The strongest and most popular tastes survived which we like to use here at FIshook Grille—using only fresh produce, healthy, tasty side items and toppings inspired from all around the world, with entrées grilled to perfection.

South Africa’s location where the Indian Ocean and Atlantic Oceans meet at the tip of the country, leads to a wide and diverse selection of seafood which when cooked is unique due to the cooking techniques, flavors and variety of spices learned from the history of those who visited and settled in the country.

Located in the Cape is a small fisherman village called Fish Hoek (which means Fish Corner in South African). It is from here that we took our namesake to reflect this unique culture and fusion of flavors. In Fish Hoek there is an almost magical energy which can only be described when you go there and actually "feel" it. We have tried to bring this out in our artwork, decor and preparation of our dishes.

Journey over to Fishook Grille for the perfect fusion of things old and new, tasty and healthy.

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